Friday, December 10, 2010

Thai Cuisine, 48 Fulton St - 11/3/10

Update: The restaurant has closed as of 1/12/11.
The former Dragon Room now houses the 2nd location of Thai Cuisine (the other is in Kalamazoo). There’s a very large bar in the middle of the room, and booths and tables fill the space around it. The ambiance is subdued and classy but somewhat marred by a menu taped up in the window, and paper posters depicting various Thai dishes.

Our appetizer choice was Tod Mun Pla. The menu does not tell you what it is but our server explained and recommended it. The six-piece dish consisted of fish cakes with scallions, deep fried. They brought some heat of their own and were finely complemented with hot sauce. Unfortunately, they were a little too chewy.
We’re big fans of hot and sour soup and order it whenever possible to keep our running comparisons (no restaurant tops Wei Wei Place to date). This was Thai hot and sour soup, however, and it came in an interesting serving bowl. The ladle was not well-suited and made serving awkward. Ingredients were onion, galangal, lemon grass, tomato, kaffir lime leaves, and chicken (one can choose from chicken, tofu, veggie, shrimp, or seafood). The very slightly sour flavor was completely overwhelmed by the heat. If you prefer more hot than sour, you’ll enjoy this soup.

 The Special Dishes page has eight selections and we each chose one. Steak Jeaw was described as pre-sliced filet mignon and Asian vegetables, topped with Steak Jeaw’s own chili ginger garlic sauce. The steak was medium-rare as requested, tender and delicious. The vegetables were cooked perfectly, arriving slightly crisp. The exceptional sauce was a tasty blend of flavors.
Our second special was Curry Steak, pre-sliced filet mignon with rich curry sauce and Asian vegetables. The sauce was a delicious curry and again, the vegetables were cooked lightly and were plentiful. The steak in this dish was completely different, however. It came medium-rare as ordered but was tough and chewy, a very poor cut of meat. Each of these specials was $22.00, which should guarantee quality steak.  
The menu is large and includes a page of lunch specials ranging from $8.00 - $12.00. Dishes are rated with either one pepper or none but the servers will ask if you’d like medium, medium-hot, or very hot.

Service was not rushed and the setting is much nicer than Angel’s Thai, for example. The food was uneven but that could have been due to a new chef, whose first day was today. 
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