Friday, December 10, 2010

Rock Fire Grille, 1144 East Paris - 11/10/10

Update:  The restaurant closed effective 1/10/11 for restructuring. No other information is available as of today.
About a year in existence, the restaurant had a name change some months back. The old Wild Fire Grille name was too similar to a Chicago chain of restaurants.

Walk into the Rock Fire Grille and you will be greeted by a friendly hostess and be seated at a table in a warm, inviting setting. If you remember Naya, the setup is the same. There’s a large bar with seating in the middle, two dining areas to the right, and a banquet room to the left. Decor is very minimal, consisting of the same “fire” wall art on three walls. There are salt & pepper shakers on the table, a note to the chef’s insecurity or knowledge of the restaurant’s clientele.
As the menu features seafood, we started with Two Way Tuna, sashimi grade yellow fin tuna served 1) pistachio crusted with raw honey & chipotle orange coulis, and 2) with pineapple, avocado tar-tare, and sweet soy sauce on wontons. The pistachio coating was noticeable but the honey & orange coulis were nowhere to be found. The second version was wonderful with all the flavors complementing beautifully on the crispy wontons.
Our next item was a wood-fried steak sandwich, ordered medium-rare. It’s described as  marinated flat iron, smothered onion, mushrooms, and provolone cheese on a homemade roll. Any marinade could not be tasted, however, and the salt and pepper on the table were a welcome addition. The bread was very fresh but the sandwich on the whole was quite bland.  
Sienna Chicken Penne was next up and consisted of sun dried tomatoes, spinach, chicken, and penne, tossed with a Parmesan cream sauce. The pasta was prepared nicely al dente, and everything combined wonderfully.
Unusual for lunch, we were served warm, buttery dinner rolls with parmesan garlic butter. We added a tomato basil soup (just ok) and a fresh house salad, which brought our tab to just over $48.00. Our server was friendly and prompt, and it’s a very pleasant atmosphere.
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