Friday, December 10, 2010

The Electric Cheetah, 1015 Wealthy St - 11/17/10

We lunched here about a year and a half ago and did not enjoy our experience. Besides poor service and burned plantains, the noise volume was so high we could barely have a conversation. Today we thought we would give it another try.

The place was full and we had a ten-minute wait to be seated. We were offered a couple of seats at the counter but we waited for a table. (Interestingly, the only other time we’ve had to wait for a table was at The Real Food Café.)  There are about 20 tables in the place for 2, 4, or 6, and they are packed quite closely together. The counter at the open kitchen seats a few more. The decor is interesting with a burning cauldron hanging from the ceiling and a large cheetah painted above the kitchen.
With the open ceiling, wooden floors, and a room full of people, the restaurant still has a noise level issue. The Latin jazz music playing helped to drown out some conversations but thankfully the couple next to us was finishing up and soon left.

Our first order was hot goat dip served with grilled naan (leavened, oven-baked flatbread). Roasted tomatoes, garlic, and spinach were whipped up in a goat and cream cheese blend, and it was an amazing taste treat. The cheeses were enhanced by the other items and no one ingredient overwhelmed the dish. The naan was soft and fresh and we couldn’t get enough.
Next up was the “I’m Not My Brother’s Sandwich.” Grilled chicken, bacon, provolone, thousand island dressing, and tomatoes were served on a grilled sourdough bread with asiago cheese butter. Chips and a dill pickle were the offered accompaniments but fries were ordered instead for a $3.00 up charge. They come russet or sweet. In addition to the usual ketchup, three different aiolis were also available. Altogether, it was a well-prepared and balanced selection.
There was one special offered today and it was our second main dish. The grilled cajun chicken breast with spinach, onion, tomato, and lime/cilantro cream cheese arrived on ciabatta and was delicious. The lime/cilantro cream cheese was a fabulous touch.  
Except for the noise level, the Electric Cheetah has been completely redeemed for us. The food was innovative, house-made, and emphasized local ingredients. Our server was attentive and informative. The menu is a little too big, however, and must become difficult to manage at times regarding preparation and service.

Menus are online and the restaurant has a blog as well. The blog has some interesting information and photos about opening the restaurant but there has been nothing posted since July of 2009. I requested background information about the restaurant name via email but never received a response.

Visit the restaurant for the food but not for an intimate dining setting and not if you want a glass of wine or bottle of beer with your meal (they're still working on a liquor license). But do check out the restrooms. They are covered floor to ceiling with completed jigsaw puzzles!   

The restaurant has obtained its liquor license and held its first Happy Hour on 5/5/2011.
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  1. We like Electric Cheetah and its sister company Uncle Cheetah's Soup Shop. You should try that next time!

  2. I agree - the food is usually good, the service/atmosphere not so much. Another place with a long line for lunch is Marie Catrib's - but well worth it.