Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sandmann's, 1200 Wealthy, R.I.P. - 5/22/12

The big news in Grand Rapids today, at least for food people, is the closing of Sandmann's, by the bank. Allegedly defaulting on a large business loan and not making sales tax payments to the state for some time are not good business practices, but every BBQ fan is sorry to see them go. 

This once dilapidated corner held an old gas station that was renovated into the current Sandmann's in 2004 (they lost their lease in their previous location across the street, opened in 2000). And before that, these enterprising Grill Masters sold their goods on their own to people on lunch break and to festival goers. 

Now the assets are seized and all that could be seen today were people reading the posted court order, and people photographing people reading the posted court order.
Here it is for your edification:
Sending very best wishes to the owners and hoping that things will work out and the restaurant and/or their food, will live on. Here's to sunnier days ahead...
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