Thursday, September 6, 2018

Jonny B'z, 701 Wealthy St SE ~ 8/24/18

Opened in 2010 at 638 Wealthy, Jonny B'z moved across the street in 2016 into a remodeled gas station. It is such a great use of an old building.
They remodeled the garage doors, which open on nice days for the main dining area.
A full bar and a hallway connect the dining area to the arcade section, unisex restrooms, and the entrance to the patio.
We've been here twice, the first time in June when there was a dishwasher failure and everything was served in/on paper goods. It didn't take way from the food, however :-)
These jalapenos were stuffed with brisket, swiss cheese, and peanut butter, and then wrapped in bacon. Served with tomato-bourbon jam, this combination of flavors was incredible although the description might sound strange. Creative goodness.
Smoked pastrami with mustard on Nantucket Bakery rye bread was delicious as was the 'Pick 3' selection under the Smoked Meats section of the menu (wings, brisket, and kielbasa). Everything is smoked in-house.
On today's visit, we began with whitefish dip, which was nicely presented, great tasting, and soon to be off the menu for the season.
Sometimes we order inadvertently very consistently, and so another pastrami sandwich was served, this time with a side salad.
The Sloppy Jonny is also being discontinued and this messy smoked rib meat in sweet, heat sloppy sauce was a winner, except for the extra napkins needed.
For a smoked-meat place, there are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu. The atmosphere is diner-like and comfortable. Service was superb on both of our visits (Mark was our server each time). They don't use styrofoam for leftovers which is always good to see. And for you hot dog loving fans, dogs are still prominently featured on the menu.
There is a small parking lot in front of the restaurant, which is convenient for customers looking to park but not so great for patrons looking out at car grills. The patio is a nice seating option, assuming it's under 90 degrees. If you're a smoked meat fan, or just want to experience a fun, neighborhood spot, be sure to stop in Jonny B'z.
Maybe someone soon will re-purpose the old Wild Bunch building across the street and Jonny B'z will have a better neighbor :-)