Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Forty Acres Soul Kitchen, 1059 Wealthy St, SE ~ July 3, 2018

This new restaurant opened mid-May and is truly a wonderful addition to the Grand Rapids food scene. Both the clever name and the established date of 1863 are hugely significant moments in American history.
The interior is modern, clean, and sleek, with large windows all around and minimalist decor.
There's a full bar and outdoor seating that wraps around the building.
Everything about this interior is cool, from the lighting to all of the outlets and charging stations. Kudos to the designers.
There were so many things we wanted to try but we settled on Fried Green Tomatoes (served with tabasco-pickled okra & cajun remoulade) and Soul Rolls (black-eyed peas, collard greens, dirty rice, & chicken) for starters. Excellent choices on both accounts! The Soul Rolls in particular, we could eat everyday.
From the 'Build Your Own Platter' section (choose protein, two sides + bread), the fried chicken was irresistible and arrived with the selected grilled corn and macaroni & cheese.
For an additional cost, other sides can be added and the cole slaw was an addition. Less creamy than we are used to, the slaw was tangy and tasty. Macaroni & cheese and corn were fantastic but the cornbread was a bit dry. The chicken was as delicious as you will find anywhere, crispy on the outside and moist inside.

The fried catfish platter was served on garden spaghetti and accompanied by fried okra. It was all well-prepared and for the most part delicious. The vegetables in the spaghetti were fresh but the tomato sauce was completely bland. It definitely needed some seasoning.

Just for the fun of it, we ordered fried bologna sandwiches to go. And they were just as described: fried bologna on Wonder bread :-) but in desperate need of condiments.
There are lots of vegan options and there are also catering and take-out menus available. As one last service to customers, each bill has suggested tip amounts listed: 18%, 20%, or 22% with the amounts broken down for you. Well done, 40 Acres!