Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mexico’s Little Kitchen, 2747 Clyde Park Ave - 7/30/10

This is the old location of Lindo Mexico, which has moved into new digs near Studio 28. We dined here when it was Lindo and have yet to visit their new location. But today it was about MLK (that is how they refer to themselves). The owners also own a nearby grocery story.

The small restaurant is divided into two sections, separated by the entryway. On the left are four booths along the wall and three large tables. On the right are two small tables and three booths. The place has a nice tile floor but is otherwise decorated with typical Mexican restaurant decor. A Mexican game show was playing on the TV at a high volume.

The menu is large: nine appetizers, two salads, four soups, four enchiladas, a category labeled Mariscos offering seafood dishes, six Mexican platters, twelve Mexican specials, seven burritos, three fajitas, two chimichangas. You get the idea; it’s another very large Mexican restaurant menu. But this one has handwritten modifications and black magic marker cross outs on it.

Our server brought us tortilla chips and salsa immediately. The tortilla chips were double layered, quite greasy and very good, but the salsa was bland. When we asked for hot sauce to liven it up, it arrived when our main selections did, spicy salsa along with a separate dish of hot sauce.  

Looking for something different to start with, we picked the Southwest egg rolls. We knew it would be some Tex-Mex configuration but it was a taste treat all the same. The guacamole that came with it was excellent, and we ignored the accompanying bland salsa and ranch dressing.

Our first lunch selection was the taco dinner: three soft shell corn tortillas; one spicy chicken and two steak. The tortillas delivered were flour but they were great and  definitely home-made. Ingredients needed spicing up with the hot sauce, and the chicken taco paled in comparison to the steak tacos.

The second dish was carne asada. Ingredients: little chunks of steak simmered with tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and onions. Fajita style was ordered and it was an excellent choice. It was good and “hot;” the flavors all blended well and were not overwhelmed by the jalapenos.

There were only a few people in the restaurant but we had to physically get our server when we were ready to go. Up until then, service was fine. Most items are below $10.00. There is no website so you’ll need to check it out in person.
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  1. Hi, just found your blog! What would you say is your favorite Mexican restaurant in town?

  2. Hi Wendy!

    We like El Granjero, Maggie's Kitchen, and Mi Tierra, not necessarily for the ambiance but for more authentic Mexican food. Thanks for asking!