Friday, August 27, 2010

Ichiban, 3005 Broadmoor SE - 8/6/10

This was our second visit and we tried the Chinese wing of the restaurant this time. It‘s a large room with about 16 tables and is very tastefully and minimally decorated; dark wood tables and chairs, and white table cloths. There was no one else is the room when we were seated. After about five minutes, the hostess seated another two people - right next to us.

The lunch menu offers fourteen different lunches at $6.45 and another seven items at $6.95 each. We began with crab wontons and they were brought to our table in less than two minutes. Obviously they were already prepared. But the filling was good and there was a lot of it. Unfortunately, we did not have plates on which to eat them.

Our hot and sour soup was brought next and although there was a nice addition of a dumpling in the soup, it was neither hot nor sour.

Ingredients for each lunch item are not listed on the menu. We chose szechuan pork for our first main dish and confirmed that we wanted this and our next dish to be spicy. They obliged nicely; jalapeno and red chili peppers covered both dishes

Our second selection was orange flavored beef. We’ve had this dish many times before and this was our least favorite to date. The beef appeared to be chicken and the deep-fried little pieces were light on meat and more like little fat chunks. But vegetables were nicely done and the spice level was perfect.

Our server was very polite and prompt, and menus are online. Although the ambiance here is quite nice, we enjoyed the Japanese food much more (see October 2009 Review).
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