Thursday, August 18, 2016

Garibaldi, 3375 S Division Ave ~ 7/22/16

This place is not the easiest to locate but the food will make it worth your while. From what we could find, this is the third location for this restaurant, all of them being on Division (1627, 2850). When we hit 34th Street we knew we missed it, so we circled back and took a turn down this driveway.
The entry was less than welcoming and we couldn't tell if it was even open.
It was, and we saw this huge old space that was mostly empty, populated here and there with businesses, some shuttered, some manned. But we found what we were looking for.
There were a few people in the place and we picked a table and checked out the counter menu that had not too many English translations (know your Spanish).
Gorditas were our choice, along with a guacamole start. And this guacamole, chunks of avocado, chopped tomatoes, and cilantro, was accompanied by homemade pita bread chips. It was a great beginning!
It looked like a family business and the food was made and served with care. Nothing was rushed and everything was obviously homemade.
The rice needs special mention as it contained chopped vegetables and had more flavor than you'd find in most (any?) Mexican restaurants. The steak gorditas were just as great. We loved this food located in a place that shares the space with two other ongoing businesses.
We'd like to come back to try the pupuserias and more from Garibaldi but the venue is a little iffy. We wandered through the "mall" on our way out and it was eerie.
It looked like a multi-purpose space but with no people around today.
So check it out if you want some great, homemade food in kind of a shady space where people will stare at you and you'll be looking over your shoulder. Garibaldi does have its own entrance if you want to skip the empty mall walk, and like we said, the food is fantastic.
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